Cooking For Health-Postponed

Cooking For Health-Postponed


Cooking for Health

A hands-on cooking and tasting class using local seasonal produce

With Lisa Mase', Harmonized Cookery

Thursday, August 22nd

from 5:15 to 6:45 p.m.

at the Garage Cultural Center

58 State Street in Montpelier

Cost of $25 includes food and take-home recipe packets.

Join us to learn more about cooking the abundance of Vermont's harvest! We will explore the health benefits of ingredients, cook delicious food and savor the results. You will leave with a culinary pharmacy, recipes, and inspiration to get cooking.

About Lisa:

Lisa Mase' is a culinary medicine educator, nutrition counselor and food sovereignty activist from Italy. She has been living and homesteading in Central Vermont for 18 years. Her teaching draws from traditional nutritional philosophies such as Ayurveda, Chinese Five Element Theory, and her own Mediterranean Diet. Details at

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