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Narratives of Authenticity

Narratives of Authenticity’ 

Date: Sunday May 19 2019 

 Time: 3-5pm, 

Fee: Donations 

Participants: Open to the Public“Narratives of Authenticity” (Cooper: 2013) is a unique cultural theories based methodology that generates specific narratives: natal, affiliate, self-in-practice, process-orientated and more. Each specific narrative describes something genuine and exceptional about each artist.  The sum total, when all these narratives are put together, creates a recognizable trademark. Consequently, the aims and ambitions, in addition to the style and content of the artist’s work, become more recognizable and distinct in a crowded arts sector.  

In fact the process of understanding who you are as an artist and contemplating whether you have an audience is a lot more involved.  Practice-based arts enquiry and research is a significant educational feature found on the Art Matters program.  The student’s task is to make sense of other artists’ work and the work of prominent cultural philosophers and relate it back to their arts practice.  The job is to then focus on making, with their new theoretical and cultural understanding, to promote a more refined and concentrated studio session.  The final aspect of this hands-on educational process is the peer-to-peer feedback loop.  Artists’ giving each other critiques on the made work, is an important mechanism for artistic rigor and contextual analysis. It takes time, in the learning process, to build the vocabulary and confidence to share at this level of challenge and expertise.